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Thanks for your message and questions - this is a strong issue for us in the CPA as we stand absolutely throughout society for the complementarity of the 2 x equal but different sexes, male and female, as God created them — and are completely opposed to imposition of gender ideology, especially in schools: To answer your questions: 


• Do you agree that there are only two sexes, male and female, and these are immutable in humans?  


• Do you agree that there are situations where the law must recognise this is important?  YES


• Do you agree that the Equality Act should be made clearer by defining sex as biological sex?  
 YES (we would actually abolish the Equality Act altogether as the notion of “protected characteristics” generates conflicting rights between different groups of people and undermines the longstanding British legal principle of equality of ALL before the law)


• As an MP will you stand up for single sex services including single sex toilets and changing facilities;  single sex protection for women in prison and refuges and the right to same sex care in hospital, home and care settings? 
YES - we would make provision of single sex toilets / change facilities, etc a legal obligation. 


• Will you protect and support the right for single sex sports for women and girls at all levels - from grassroots to elite? 


• Will you commit to ensuring that gender self identification is not introduced through the back door? 
 YES (we would make it legally impossible to “change sex”)  


• Will you ensure that sex education provided in schools follows a safeguarding first principle; is age appropriate and does not present beliefs as facts? 
 YES (we would also ensure the parents’ right of withdrawal from RSE is fully reinstated) 


• Will you ensure that all areas of government including the Civil Service, National Health Service and Department for Education use clear language around sex and gender and clarify what they mean by terms such as gender identity? 
 YES - the CPA would only ever recognise the 2 x biological sexes across all public services and institutions) 


• Do you support the findings of the Cass Review and commit to implementing the proposals for gender identity services for children and young people? YES - though we do not think Cass goes far enough, 


You can find further information in our manifesto.

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