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Concerns about drag show targeted at children

CambsWomen Together are concerned about the decision by the Junction in Cambridge to host a drag show targeted at children that claims to be a “place where boundaries are forgotten…” (This sentence has since been taken out of the original advert – we wonder why…)

It is advertised as being for 3–8 years olds, but we at CambsWomen Together can see serious safeguarding issues and nothing that is suitable or appropriate for children.

Drag is a reinforcement of negative gender stereotypes and an overly sexualised performance of ‘femininity’; and as such it is offensive to many women. Members of the LGB community have also raised concerns, as this does not represent them and does not teach children about inclusion. The performers of this show claim that it is family entertainment, yet one look at that their websites and social media accounts, and it is clear that they are not the type of performers that should be in a show for children.

CambsWomen Together were interviewed by the Cambridge Independent — see the article here.

We have also tweeted on the issue. Follow us on Twitter or see out tweets at CambsWomen Together (@cambswomen) / Twitter

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