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General Election 2024

CambsWomen Together sent a letter to all candidates for election in Cambridgeshire constituencies who we could find a working email address or website contact form.

As you will see from the table - we had a very poor response rate, and of those who answered many didn't answer the questions.

**** Late Replies ****

We had a couple of late replies.


Firstly Ian Sollom of the Liberal Democrates - he didn't answer the questions, focused principally on trans rights, didn't mention women or sex but refered to the toxic and hostile debate - which I doubt he means the hostility and abused thrown at women by the men in favour of trans rights. His full letter is included, but we can safely assume Ian is not a supporter of women and children's rights and safety.




Keith Garrett of Rebooting Democracy. He didn't answer the questions but explained how they will change how decisions are made. 

"Rebooting Democracy doesn’t have a policy on any specific issue. Instead we are going to change how decisions are made.


Rebooting Democracy will have all decisions made by randomly selected, stratified groups. This process is called sortition, very similar to jury service. These representative mini-publics would review evidence, deliberate and make good decisions for their community. They will allow those affected to have true agency over decisions that affect their lives. True democracy.


The items to discuss would be agreed by another randomly selected group but if enough people petition this group then the additional policy would be put through the process. There is space in the system for self-selected ideas to be input, to ensure we don’t end up with stale thinking. Further randomly selected bodies would manage the process, refining it over time. 


This system removes parties, career politicians, lobbying, jobs after you serve, the short term voting cycle . Everything that is bad about current politics. It would give real change and real power to the people.


So while this means that the party can’t directly support any one cause, I hope you can see that this system will create a more just system."





Of our responses Sam Carling, Marianna Masters and Andrew Parkes for Labour and Chris Carter-Chapman, Benjamin Obese-Jecty and Lucy Frazer for the Conservatives sent automated holding emails - suggesting they would get back to us or would only deal directly with constituents.

Andrew Crawford (Green) sent an automated reply with a link to the Green manifesto.

Daniel Zeichner (Labour) sent a reply but did not answer the questions

"Labour is proud of the Equality Act, introduced in 2010 under the last Labour Government, and the rights and protections it affords women, including the implementation of single-sex exemptions.

More widely, I believe that the national discussion from some government figures on this topic has been toxic and degrading. LGBT+ people simply want to get on with their lives, and they should not be used as a political football. Any discussion about policy needs to come from a place of compassion and understanding from all sides.


It's a basic BeKind message, without answering any questions or understanding that women discussing their rights isn't toxic.

Sarah Smith and Ryan Cogan of Reform UK both replied. Both replies were short and to the point. Ryan said

"Couldn’t agree with you more."

While Sarah said

"My answer is Yes to all points"

So a positive response from both of these candidates.

Three independent candidates took the time to answer.

David Carmona said he was prepared to go on record that he agreed with all our points. He also said

"It's time to return to the stage of mutual respect for people's rights, and no ideology in public institutions, especially schools."

Chan Abraham said he answered all questions with an unequivocal yes. He also said

"Furthermore, I want all teaching in schools to be fully reviewed and audited with the active engagement of parents. 


I am appalled and wholly dissatisfied with what has transpired and am most concerned about the risks to children, both girls and boys.  Schools are not the place for identity politics, cultural Marxism and indoctrination. 


I am most concerned about the risks to girls and women."

​James Gordon didn't answer the specific questions but said

"All human beings should be treated with respect and tolerance.  


People should be entitled to dress as they like and describe/identify themselves as they wish.   


People should also be mindful of the sensitivities & needs of others.  


Against that background, I agree with JK Rowling.  "

So the independents came out pretty much in favour of womens rights.

Finally the response from Tom Rogers of the Christian Peoples Alliance - a yes to all questions, although he comes at this from the perspective that God created two sexes. Click the button to see his full response.

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