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Local Elections 2021

As it’s the Local Elections on the 6th May 2021, this is a chance to ask the candidates whether they will uphold women’s sex-based rights. We have compiled letters/emails that you can copy and send to your local candidates. It is a good idea to include your address as candidates may be more inclined to reply to their constituents.

There are letters for:

  • The Police and Crime Commissioner candidates

  • Cambridge City Councillors standing for re-election

  • Cambridge City Councillors standing for re-election who did not support the 2020 motion of “Trans women are women and trans men are men”. (Only three candidates, see below for details)

  • New Cambridge City Council candidates


All existing Cambridge City Councillors – except four – who are standing for re-election this time voted for the motion of October 2020: “Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary individuals are non-binary.”

The four Councillors who didn’t are all Labour:

  • Carina O’Reilly: Arbury – Absent from meeting

  • Rosy Moore: Coleridge – Abstained

  • Mark Ashton: Cherry Hinton – Abstained

  • Rob Dryden: Cherry Hinton – Abstained



The Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Nicky Massey is also a Cambridge City Council and voted in favour of the motion

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