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Thank you for your email. Please see below on mine and my party’s stance on trans rights.


I am proud of our party’s work on Trans Rights and I believe we must respect their identities.

  • For almost 20 years, we have had a system that allows trans people to have their affirmed gender recognised and respected in law, with safeguards to prevent abuse.

  • Unfortunately, this is part of a wider debate that’s become far too toxic and hostile. We need to get past that, and have a good-faith conversation about ensuring everyone’s safety and dignity.

  • Liberal Democrats are committed to fighting for both gender equality and equality for all LGBT+ people. We believe in the safety, dignity and wellbeing of every individual.


Gender Recognition Reform

  • Liberal Democrats believe that the current gender recognition process is too bureaucratic and intrusive. The Conservative Government recognised this too in 2018, when they brought forward proposals to reform the process to make it easier for trans people to gain legal recognition of their gender. We continue to support those proposals.

  • We would remove the requirement for medical reports and the spousal veto, while preserving safeguards to prevent abuse. Applicants would still have to prove they have lived in their affirmed gender, and make a legal declaration that they intend to live permanently in that gender for the rest of their life.


Conversion Therapy

  • Conversion “therapy” is an abhorrent practice which seeks to suppress or change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. These can include psychological treatments and spiritual counselling which are currently legal in the UK, but also sexual violence and electric shock therapy, which are illegal.

  • Sexual orientation or gender identity is not a problem to be treated and ‘cured’. It’s who we are - and these practices have got to stop. Theresa May recognised this when she was Prime Minister. She first promised a ban in 2018, and received cross-party support when she did.

  • It’s disgraceful that the Government has broken their promise to deliver a ban, five years on from when it was first promised.

  • Liberal Democrats have long pushed for a comprehensive ban on all conversion practices.

  • In 2024, Lib Dem peer Lorely Burt brought forward a private members’ bill that would fully ban conversion therapy.

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